Matt James made the move from NYC to Miami to live at Sentral Wynwood.

A Day in the Life: Matt James’ Personal Wellness Routine in Miami

Miami is a natural habitat for a man like Matt James. The Raleigh, North Carolina, native — who would become the first Black lead of ABC’s “The Bachelor” — was raised by a single mom who often encouraged her gregarious son to release his coils of energy through sports.
“It helped that I’d always been taller — everyone assumes you’ll play a sport when you’re tall,” he admits. (Just how tall is Matt James? Six-foot-five.)
Still, with raw talent and a willingness to try something different, the athlete accepted a scholarship from Wake Forest University as a wide receiver at the prestigious private school. That exposure eventually led him to launch
ABC Food Tours
, a tour company that aims to educate school-age children about the benefits of healthful diets and plentiful exercise. “I felt like I missed out on a lot of things that I now have access to, and I wanted to provide that to students who were missing out on those life experiences,” says 30-year-old James. “You have to aspire to be more than your community sets you up to be.” He also just released a book, “
First Impressions
: Off Screen Conversations with a Bachelor on Race, Family, and Forgiveness.”
During the pandemic, the multi-talented star decamped to Florida for a while before returning to New York City. Once back in the Big Apple, however, he realized Miami life was the life for him, packed his apartment, and relocated to
Sentral Wynwood
in Miami’s arts district.
 “I like how Sentral is right in the thick of everything,” the outdoor enthusiast says. “I constantly am training for something — like the recent Boston Marathon — I am an avid biker, runner, and all things active, so having easy access to the outdoors and healthy food options was important. It’s a simpler life down here.”
Matt making the most of his Sentral Wynwood apartment.
To get a better idea of what he means and how he spends his days in Miami, we had James break down a day in his life, from morning smoothies to evening gatherings on his rooftop overlooking Miami. (See more of his time in Miami by following
Matt James on Instagram


I wake up early at 6 a.m. I do my devotion, then put on my recovery boots, which pump air around your legs, for 30-40 min. I say a prayer and am off to Sentral’s gym. It’s on my floor so the commute takes all of 10 seconds. I’ll spend two-plus hours on the treadmill listening to the Crime Junkies podcast, then do some core work and full-body stretching. If I’m going on a run outside, I’ll head to Edgewater and run along that water way, through downtown, Brickell, then either cross over the bridge [Rickenbacker Causeway] to Key Biscayne bridge or go all the way to Coconut Grove to the University of Miami.


I’ll make a massive protein shake. I think I exercise just for the smoothie! I’m so bougie about it. I have all my blueberries, my coconut water, my three chocolate milks, and my frozen bananas ready. I go to Target nearby, and they have good options. I like to buy things in bulk, so I don’t have to leave my apartment! I sit on the couch and respond to emails and text messages as I start to map out my day.


I’ll shower then make breakfast: four scrambled eggs with an avocado and turkey bacon. My diet is really front-loaded. I’ll eat then work until 12:30-1 p.m., until I’m distracted. Then I’ll head up to the roof to walk around the pool and soak up the fact that I’m in Miami.


I like to grab my longboard and head down the street to Sweetgreen [just a block away from Sentral Wynwood]. My usual is half arugula, double red apples, chickpeas, avocado, no meat, sometimes broccoli, and pesto dressing. It’s so filling, but it doesn’t make me feel full, just energized. I’m staying away from meat, because I’ve realized that I don’t need it to power me through the day, and it helps me get better sleep. Then I longboard back home and work more.


Depending on the day, I’ll work in the courtyard or in the co-working space at Sentral, which is right by the pool upstairs. It could be on crypto investing, NFTs, or something related to pediatric therapy. I have a bunch of different projects, so there is always something to do.


I like to be done for the day at 5 p.m., unless there is something pressing to finish. Nine times out of ten, I go back to Sweetgreen for dinner, but sometimes I’ll go to
The Taco Stand
, which is a great Mexican spot — their churros are the best I’ve ever had in my life. When friends are in town, I might take them to
for sushi, then we’ll walk to Edgewater, which is [a waterfront neighborhood] just five minutes away. There is a
right up the street. And there is a pickleball court down the street. Anything active or outdoors, I’m into. If someone offers me tickets to a tennis match or a Marlins game, I’m there.


If it’s a nice night, I’ll go to the roof deck or sit by the pool. You don’t have to drive home if you don’t go out! Not to rag on other areas, but if you go to Miami Beach, there is so much traffic. In Wynwood, if you want to go somewhere, you’re already there! Everything is right in your ‘hood… and you won’t get stuck at a bridge. The landscape is constantly changing because of the murals. If you see something you like, take pictures because there may be a different mural the next time. It’s a cool area to be in. It’s peaceful, neighborhood-y, and more eccentric than other place in Miami.
Matt harvesting fresh greens from his LettuceGrow.


I have my farm in the living room by
, in which I’m a minority-stake owner. I tend to that thing daily. I travel a lot, so when I come back home, my plants have gone crazy, so it’s fun to come back and see what’s grown. You don’t have to wash your food — it doesn't have pesticides — it’s just the water you put in and the seeds. There are a bunch of different hydroponic farms out there, but this one is the most aesthetically pleasing. It comes with an app, so you can take pictures and it reminds you when to harvest and when to water.


I do love a pina colada, so that is a plus being in Miami, where you can find a good one year-round. I think it’s important to find personal time every day to do things that are outside your job and that make you happy. For me that is reading. If you need a quick read, pick up my book!


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