Newly available foreign work visas make it easier to dial in from the dreamiest places in the world. Photo by Daria Mamont

These Destinations are Making Working Remotely from Dreamy Locations Easier Than Ever

As remote work becomes increasingly common, many people have asked themselves—if I can log in from anywhere, why not take that meeting from a beach in Barbados or Mexico? This newfound, world-traveling lifestyle was on the rise even before the massive shift in our work habits over the past two years, but digital nomadism has gained momentum as innovations like Sentral’s any-length-of-stay leases and
managed homesharing program
remove the logistical and financial barriers to living elsewhere for a few months. To make things even easier, countries around the world are getting in on the action by providing short- to medium-term visas that allow remote workers to enjoy a change of scenery, whether it’s for a few months or even a few years. Here are a few of the incredible options you can take advantage when not calling Sentral home. 


Who wouldn’t want to call Barbados home for a while? Photo by Leonardo Rossatti.
The application process for the
Barbados Welcome Stamp
visa is simple and straightforward, which is a nice change of pace from some of the more involved international processes. Once it’s approved, you’re set for a year of island living! 
Not for those who are seeking a fast-paced lifestyle, the Caribbean island of Barbados beckons to expats who prefer to live on “island time.” A small, English-speaking nation, Barbados is densely populated compared to some of its neighboring islands, and the need to import many goods from abroad makes the cost of living somewhat higher than many other places on this list. But with white sand beaches, palm trees, and sunny skies, there are plenty of pluses to this beautiful country as well. Barbados also boasts a robust public transportation network that makes it easy to get around, and affordable longer-terms rentals abound in addition to the island’s well-known luxury hotels.


Switch your regular commute for a charming stroll through the streets of Lisbon. Photo by Aayush Gupta.
Digital nomads flock to the coastal country of Portugal for its wine scene, fresh-from-the-ocean seafood, gorgeous cliffside beaches, and quaint red-roofed buildings, all while living in one of Western Europe’s most affordable locations. Make Lisbon your home base and explore the cobblestone streets and cozy cafes, or join the
Digital Nomads Village
on the island of Madeira, where you’ll find other like-minded entrepreneurs and remote workers. The affordability of Portugal means there’s an interesting
modern art and creative scene
to explore, juxtaposed with some of the world’s most stunning architecture and rugged natural sights like the Serra de Sintra Mountain Range for outdoorsy types. 
If one year isn’t enough, Portugal’s temporary resident visas can be renewed for up to five years. And if you really want to put down some roots? If you stay the full five years, you can apply for permanent residency. Start the application process


Prague offers an affordable escape from the ordinary, that’s both ancient and modern. Photo by William Zhang.
Fairy-tale castles. Low cost of living. Really good beer. Those are just a few of Prague’s attractions for digital nomads. So is the Zivno freelancing visa, which is good for one year with the option to extend (a great choice if you’re a Sentral resident with flexible lease options). 
Czech bureaucracy has become a lot less labyrinthine since Prague resident Franz Kafka was inspired to write The Trial there a century ago, but the visa is still a bit complicated to obtain, so
by making an appointment with your local Czech embassy and they’ll help you go from there. Once you’re all set, Prague’s many cozy neighborhoods offer a wealth of affordable accommodation and dynamic restaurants and bars. Try
for beautiful parks and beer gardens that are an easy walk from the historic Old Town, or
for a grittier, but still charming, vibe.  


Bali’s combination of coast and rainforests offers endless opportunities to explore once you’re off the clock. Photo by Lucija Ros.
The Indonesian island of Bali
recently confirmed
that a remote work visa is on the way. Though the government hasn’t said when these new visas will become available, the announcement alone was exciting enough to make waves in online digital nomad circles. The first country in Southeast Asia to offer this type of arrangement, Bali’s visa will be good for up to five years, and foreigners won’t be required to pay Indonesian taxes on income earned outside of the country. 
Spurred on by the incredible food, vibrant culture, epic beach scene, and Eat, Pray, Love-inspired spiritual seekers, adventurous travelers have been taking sabbaticals in Bali for years. So what can new visitors to the island expect when they show up with laptops in hand? Plenty that adds to the remote work appeal. Super affordable accommodations (some including a pools), spectacular views, and delicious food.
is popular with the partying crowd, while hippie-ish
is a haven for vegans and vegetarians. 


Swap your lunch break for a surf break—a reality when working from Costa Rica. Photo by Sacha Verheij.
Between the rainforests, beaches, incredible wildlife sightings, and epic wilderness adventures, who wouldn’t want to spend some time in Costa Rica? The newly launched
Digital Nomad Visa
is good for one year, with an optional one-year extension, and it comes with perks like being exempt from Costa Rican income tax. If you’re a Sentral resident looking to travel for a few months, Costa Rica’s affordable accommodations and experiences are even more attainable if you opt to become a homesharing host—50% of the rental fee goes directly towards funding your travels, and Sentral’s team handles all the details.  
Expats who love to party favor
Jaco Beach
, an area on the western coast of the country that is known for its surfing, swimming, and bars. For those seeking something a little more laid-back,
Puerto Viejo de Limon
, on the Caribbean coast, has more of a bohemian vibe and is ideal if you want to learn how to surf while you’re there. The application process for the Digital Nomad Visa hasn’t been solidified yet, but is expected to be announced soon.


Working from the beach might be the reset you need. Photo by Lucija Ros.
If you’re looking for world-class cities, diverse and highly refined cuisines, and centuries of history, look no further than Mexico. The Central American country’s Temporary Resident Visa lasts for one year, with the option to extend to three years. The
application form
is relatively simple, and then you’ll need to make an appointment at your local consulate. 
Once you’ve secured your visa, you’ll just have to decide where to live:
Mexico City
, with its dynamic restaurant culture?
, where you’ll find colorful colonial architecture and cenotes, Mexico’s famous underground swimming holes? Or
, with its mountain views and cobbled streets? The choices are endless and exciting. The country is known for its warm and welcoming vibe, and since it’s a popular tourism destination, it’s easy to get by even if you’re not fluent in Spanish. Plus, Northern Mexico is an easy trip from either our Sentral L.A. or Austin locations. 


Croatia pairs Old World European charm with affordable, modern urban centers. Photo by Morgan OhoBiu.
Croatia has been experiencing a tourism boom since it became a filming location for Game of Thrones, but there’s so much more to this country than
King’s Landing
. The visa application is a
bit involved
, but once you’re approved you’ll be able to stay in the country and explore for up to a year. If you’re not whether you’re ready to commit to a full year, Sentral’s any-length-of-stay leases make it easy for you to leave your plans loose—whenever you’re ready to return to one of our communities, it’s easy to move into a designer-furnished space that feels like home. 
Back to planning your Croatian adventures—while plenty of digital nomads are lured by
seaside charms, don’t sleep on cosmopolitan
, where you’ll be surrounded by vintage Art Deco buildings and an international food scene to rival any other major city. Cost of living in Croatia is low compared to the US, so you’ll have plenty leftover for your savings account. (Or your travel budget!)

Inspired to take the plunge? Sentral’s managed homesharing program allows you to leverage your residence for supplemental income while working from an exotic locales around the world.