The “Welcome Wall” by illustrator Chris DeLorenzo at Sentral DTLA 755. Photo by James Baigrie.

How Sentral is Elevating Art in Everyday Life

“Art should be something that liberates your soul, provokes the imagination, and encourages people to go further.”  — Keith Haring
Art and design have long played an important role in hospitality. We’ve come to expect exclusive pieces and immaculately curated collections from high-end boutique hotels. But it’s rare to find the same attention to detail, and budget, in apartments and multi-family communities.
Sentral is changing that.
When Sentral says it's redefining the concept of home, and the way people work, live, and travel, the statement is true across the board, from offering convenient
flexible leases
for the mobile generation to commissioning original works of art across its communities. 
Claire Redwine, Sentral’s design director, is helping lead the charge both by curating stylish public spaces and designer-furnished units and by implementing a long-term plan for Sentral to build its own private art collection to benefit residents and guests. After decades leading design for high-profile, design-forward brands, such as Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants and Airbnb, Redwine has a clear vision for Sentral’s aesthetic direction.
“We want our communities to serve as creative expressions for artists, both supporting artistic growth and reinforcing our brand identity.,” Redwine explains. “A robust art program offers a unique angle that our team members and guests can share as a point of pride, a point of conversation, and a point of view.” One of Redwine’s responsibilities is to curate local art for Sentral’s designer-furnished apartments, to help them feel homier and more connected to the local community.
Here are three unique artistic endeavors that Sentral has commissioned to date at its communities across the country. 


From left to right: Welcome Walls by Chris DeLorenzo at Sentral Union Station in Denver and Sentral DTLA 732. Photos by James Baigrie.
Sentral’s exclusive art experience starts as soon as you step into a Sentral community, thanks to whimsical Welcome Walls created by illustrator
Chris DeLorenzo
. Known for his bold, humorous style and big-name clients like The New York Times, Warby Parker, and Chase Bank, DeLorenzo has added a distinctive, large-scale, and localized touch to the entrances of Sentral DTLA
732 S. Spring
755 S. Spring
Sentral Union Station
in Denver. The L.A. murals are themed “City of Arts,” and the Denver works are themed “Train to the Sky.” DeLorenzo’s work was commissioned by Sentral in collaboration with Indie Walls, a consultancy that pairs independent artists with brand patrons.
“My goal was to create artwork that would capture a city’s persona and, at the same time, present a new way of looking at it to people who would be living in it every day,” says DeLorenzo. These works will be the first thing seen when a resident or guest leaves the building in the morning as they step out into the city, and one of the last things they’ll see when they come back at night. So the murals work both as a vehicle to create anticipation and excitement when leaving and give comfort and a sense of belonging when returning home.”
Animated and multilayered, the Welcome Walls depict a jumble of familiar local landmarks (L.A.’s Capitol Records Building, Denver’s Blue Bear statue), activities (filmmaking, chilling outdoors) and personas (aspiring artists, hikers). The black and white illustrations are filled with clever details that reward repeated views. 


From left to right: Joe Geis working on the rooftop mural at Sentral Wynwood in Miami and an aerial shot of the finished mural. Photos by OWLEY.
Sentral Wynwood
is situated in the heart of Miami’s most art-centric district, a neighborhood where nearly every wall is covered in brightly hued street art. So it was a logical next step to bring even more color right into the community. Sentral commissioned artists Jeremiah Britton and Joe Geis, co-founders and partners of independent creative studio
Also Dept.
, to help transform a rooftop within the apartment community into a brilliant mural inspired by the vibrant local lifestyle that Sentral Wynwood residents and guests know and love. With their dynamic, energetic, and collaborative approach to creating large-scale abstract work, Britton and Geis were a natural choice for this 50x50 mural, their largest to date.
As with all commissioned pieces and Sentral Artist collaborations, the artists were encouraged to let their surroundings guide their work, which is titled Here Comes The Wave Again. “The concept of this mural was influenced by Miami — the culture, the people, the motion. Specifically, the motion of palm trees blowing, the motion of the waves,” Geis says. Adds Britton, “We were hearing music in people’s cars and walking by different restaurants, so we wanted to capture that busy buzz in both the color and the motion of the piece, which is kind of like this oversized wave.”


Kacie Lees working in her studio at Sentral DTLA as part of Sentral’s Artist in Residence program. Photos by Madeleine Rosenthal.
Sentral is also offering engaging, interactive art experiences, most notably with its first
Artist in Residence program
at Sentral DTLA. Throughout spring of 2022, interdisciplinary and neon artist
Kacie Lees
is calling the community home, working and living there while she produces a custom piece of neon artwork for the space, while offering residents rare access to see and experience a neon expert at work.  
“I was really excited to come to the Sentral Artist in Residence Program because I haven’t ever had a studio of my own,” says Lees. “Now I get to just walk outside of my apartment, walk across the street and go bend neon signs all day in my studio.” 
Sentral partnered with neon organization
She Bends
, which supports women and gender-expansive artists who work in the medium, to design the program and select an artist who would benefit from these resources and create meaningful work in this space. During her residency, Lees is working on pieces inspired by DTLA’s historic neon signs and by the L.A. freeway system — one of which will remain in the community — as well as hosting meet and greets with residents and leading Downtown L.A. art walks. The program is a way for Sentral to support artists and share their efforts with the community.
Sentral Product Strategy & Design Consultant Erica Coffman helped develop the Artist in Residence program. “Art enriches the resident and guest experience by providing emotional resonance — a sense of individualism, personality, and local culture,” she says.


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