The Flex Life: 3 Easy Ways to Make Your Place Homeshare-Ready

By Heather Mikesell
We’re all about homesharing. The flexibility and convenience of letting someone stay in your space while you’re traveling — along with the ability to earn extra cash while you’re at it — makes homesharing the perfect lifestyle complement for today’s modern urbanites. While Sentral’s fully-managed
 homeshare service
 takes care of many of the requirements of becoming a host, there are still a few things you can do to make your space stand out to attract more guests.
Just as staging a home can attract attention from potential buyers and increase the purchase price, decorating your apartment with some easy and budget-friendly decorating tips can also help win over potential homestay guests. Creating a warm and welcoming vibe is easy when you know the tricks of the trade. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of inspiration to be found online thanks to design sites such as 
Apartment Therapy
, and 
. When preparing to photograph your apartment, consider the impression it makes. Here are some simple steps you can take to make it more inviting. 
Clear your space, clear your mind. Photo by Georgie Cobbs


  • Clear all counters and surfaces of any unnecessary clutter. 
  • Hide TV cables and other electronics cords. 
  • Pay attention to areas that accumulate clutter, such as crowded kitchen counters, bookshelves, and entryways. 
  • Create a place for everything. All of your possessions should have a home. 
Artwork and greenery add life to any space.


  • Add a couple of throw pillows to the bed and couch. This is also an easy way to add pops of color to brighten a room.  
  • Greenery can breathe new life into a space. Invest in some low-maintenance plants (succulents are a great option) or artificial greenery. Faux flowers are more lifelike than ever and can make a drab interior bloom.  
  • Transform bare walls with artwork, floating shelves, or a green wall. 
  • Set the stage with scented candles, coffee table books, or a beautiful vase.  
  • Add texture with a funky throw pillow on the sofa or a strategically placed rug. 
  • Add warmth with soft lighting and decorative lamps. 
Framed pictures and a cohesive color scheme will elevate your apartment.


  • Choose a cohesive color scheme that makes people feel relaxed and at home. While you can’t go wrong with neutrals, blues and grays are among the most popular shades when it comes to creating a sense of calm.  
  • Frame any artwork or posters. You don’t want your space to feel like a dorm room. 
  • Make a statement with your bookshelves. Don’t be afraid to get creative and arrange books by color, pair with accessories, and stack books both horizontally and vertically to make them more visually appealing.  
  • Make your apartment feel like a home. People opt for a homeshare because they want a personal touch rather than the impersonal feeling of a hotel. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through.  
Sentral’s designer-furnished apartments, like this one at Sentral Union Station, Denver, are homeshare-ready.
While everyone has their own design sensibilities, creating a warm and inviting space is easy when you keep comfort and functionality in mind. An appealing aesthetic can be achieved with a few minor tweaks, helping your apartment to stand out from the rest.   

For qualifying residents, Sentral’s managed homesharing service helps you monetize your beautifully designed space. That lets you earn money to help you do the things you love, like travel. And Sentral helps manage the entire process.