Sentral Stories
Stories and inside scoops from a community that lives, travels, and works on their own terms.
Life at Sentral
Sentral’s community of explorers are united by a common perspective — a view that life should be savored, explored, and lived to its fullest. See how our community is redefining the meaning of home while forging deeper connections with each other.
How We’re Redefining the Concept of Home
Jon Slavet, CEO of Sentral, describes how flexible living is changing how we live and stay.
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3 Easy Ways to Get Your Apartment Homeshare-Ready
Considering homesharing your place? Make it more inviting with this simple advice.
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The Places Making Remote Work Easier Than Ever
From Bali to Barbados, here are the best places for destination counties for digital nomads to work from around the world.
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From Subway Tagger to Superstar Artist
Cey Adams, designer for the Beastie Boys and Jay-Z, shares his Cinderella story.
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Expert Advice on Living Like a Digital Nomad
Early adopter Rolf Potts shares advice for making the most of a digital nomad lifestyle.
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Designing for the Flexible Living Generation
Branding guru Geoff Cook on how he shaped a compelling identity for Sentral.
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Best Places to See Street Art
Cities have become open-air museums. Here’s how to find murals that will blow your mind.
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Why We Need Touch Now
Healing practices to help us recover from the social isolation of the pandemic.
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How to Give Your Apartment a Personality Makeover
Minimalist or bohemian, here’s how to create an apartment as cool as you.
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How Vegan Should We Really Be?
We know eating more plants and fewer animals is healthier. How strict do we need to be?
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